Women's Sports Management

Women's Sports Agency is a Dutch Agency and is representing the finest athletes in the world of women's football. We are working together with top women professional football players, clubs and companies to reach the highest potential in every way with a personal touch. 

Angela Verdoes

Angela Verdoes is the founder, owner and CEO of Women's Sports Agency. Her roots lies in women's football in a time when it was almost not accepted for women to play football at all. She has played at the highest level in The Netherlands with players like Sarina Wiegman, Daphne Koster and other top players at Ter Leede in the nineties. She then continued her football career in America, where she played as a student for Franklin Pierce University and as a professional for the Boston Renegades. Since 2003 she has had her bachelor's degree in Sport & Leisure Management. When she moved back home she has worked as a manager for over 12 years and was part of the management team and board of directors. She ten also recieved her degree Business administration.

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services 82%

personal touch 93%

professionality 84%

Coaching 80%


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