Women's Sports Agency was founded in 2016. At WSA we want to create the best situation with the best possible opportunities. Your talent is our priority is key. Our main focus and goal is building a personal relationship with all players and their lovedones to reach the highest potential in every way. Togehter with players, clubs and business partners we build trustworthy relationships to understand eachother how to reach the highest potential.

Angela Verdoes / CEO

Angela is responsible for all areas and is guiding players to the top. Trust, integrity and personal attention are very important to her. 

Her passion for profesional sports in combination with her business skills, her own experience as a professional player and owning a broad network in the women's game, makes Angela unique. These experiences certainly benefits from negotiations, guiding, arranging and organizing. A wealth of experience to provide the support, advice and guidance needed to make the right choices to deliver top performances anywhere.

Angela works entirely according to the guidelines of the KNVB and is registered in several European countries as an agent.


Women's sports agency


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