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Good cooperation starts with a good feeling. The personal guidance does not only consist of guiding the athlete alone. Parents, possible partner and other important people around the athlete can, for example, also be involved in the guidance to jointly realize an optimal top-class sport climate. Trust and integrity are indispensable at Women's Sports Agency. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made to reach the highest potential. WSA will analyze the opportunities, the club, the teams, to be able to make the best decision possible at the right time where the development op the player is key. 

Transfers en contracten

Angela Verdoes is an expert at negotiating, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe and the USA. She works open and transparently, keeping the athlete informed of developments during the process. "A good agent ensures that the development of a talent in every field is stimulated", Johan Cruijff once wrote in his column in the Telegraaf. At Women Sport Agency, the development of the athlete in the contract guidance is central and always number 1.

In the legal field, if necessary, a recognized lawyer is called in to go through the contract down to the last detail.

A transfer to another country often involves a lot of things for an athlete. When an athlete transfers abroad, various matters have to be arranged, such as moving, insurance, tax matters, banking matters, etc. Women's Sports Agency supports, advises and shows you the way so that you don't have to worry about that.


There are many possibilities regarding sponsorship. For example, a contract with Nike, Puma, Adidas, or deals with companies that want to use the athlete to promote and sell their product. The athlete's career is also number 1 when it comes to sponsoring and possible exploitation is monitored. The sponsor and athlete must match and agreements must also be made whereby the activities may not stand in the way of the career. At the same time an athlete has abreast platform to use, so a bit of guidance to cooperate with responsible companies such as climate neutral certified brands, companies where their workers are treated respectfully, equality within a company, are also very important values to WSA to look out for.


With a career comes a plan. Together we discuss expectations for now and for the future and set goals. That is why an introductory meeting is necessary to make a realistic plan together. Attention is also paid to looking after the active sports career to see what the possibilities are to make dreams come true.

Physical and mental support

Fitness and mental rest are crucial to deliver top performance and to develop optimally. WSA can also rely on a broad network in this area which consists for example, out of physiotherapists, mental topsport coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, all of whom work at the top level.

DBU Tax Advisory

Florian Niesten specializes in tax advice for top athletes. Everyone has to deal with taxes. Most people have a simple tax position. This is different for top athletes. The tax situation for them usually quickly becomes complex: competitions abroad, various types of income, variable bonuses, moving abroad and moving to the Netherlands. This complexity makes it difficult to comply with all legal obligations and also to ensure that no unnecessary tax is paid.

Every top athlete is in a unique situation. This creates another problem in the market. On the one hand, small (administration) offices do not have the knowledge of the complex (international) tax regulations that come with top athletes and on the other hand, large offices, which do have the knowledge, often do not understand top athletes or invoices become extremely high. DB Tax Advisory serves this tax niche.

DB Tax Advisory was founded by Florian Niesten. Florian has a top sport background. He has played hockey at the highest level and now runs ultramarathons. He ran, among other things, the Marathon des Sables. Florian's capacities as a tax specialist, together with his sporting background, are the perfect combination to advise top athletes in the field of taxes. Understanding top sport life, actively contributing ideas and knowledge of (international) tax law are key. For information see www.dbtax.eu



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